I love to take pictures for the fun of it, but more importantly to hang on to the memories. Photography has always amazed me...two people can take a picture of the same thing, but it will mean something different to each person. Thereafter, it will appear as something different to each person who sees that photo. I'm just the Eye Behind the Lens - what I see, is different than what everybody else sees. I want to know what you see. Maybe between everyone we can figure out the true meaning of what is right in front of us.

If she’s amazing, she won’t be easy. If she’s easy, she won’t be amazing. If she’s worth it, you won’t give up. if you give up, you’re not worthy…
Truth is, everybody is going to hurt you; you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for.
— Bob Marley (always has the best quotes)

i’m back!

it’s been way too long

so I am back

get ready for some serious blogging

be thankful for the bad things in life,
for they opened your eyes to the good things you weren’t paying attention to before

follow my adventure

in 7 days i begin the adventure of a lifetime to base camp of Mount Everest.

Please follow my adventure by using THIS LINK. I will be updating it as often as possible :) 


Day 5

yesterday was the final day, day 5. for breakfast i had some ground meat with tomatoes, and it wasn’t that tasty but it did fill me up for many hours! that meal was repeated for lunch and then for dinner we cheated a bit and had ginger beef (it just said beef on the site…so only kind of cheating right?). either way, we were proud to finish 5 days! overall i felt better throughout the day, more energized and focused. and in the mornings it was way easier to wake up!

we celebrated lasting the longest on the cleanse out of all our friends (some caved for subway during the week haha) by eating a cupcake and DAMN did it taste good :) this morning i got to go back to drinking my ice coffee which i missed so dearly. we did the final weigh in and it was 8lbs lost which i was happy about! it’s hard to continue losing during the second half because of just fruits and veggies you’re eating bananas and meat and stuff so it was still an accomplishment!

now to keep those pounds off…bet all you can eat sushi for lunch isn’t going to help!

Day 4

soooo today kind of really sucked. i was so hungry all of the time! breakfast was great because I had a cold bowl of milk with a banana sliced into it so it almost felt like cereal! then for lunch all i got was one serving of vegetable soup, so by the time my snack time rolled around i was hungry again. i will admit the banana milkshake (just bananas milk and ice) that i whipped up was tasty, and the vegetable soup i got to eat again for dinner was yummy, but now its 10pm and i am HUNGRY so that is why today sucked. 

there was also a lot of temptation. i was in the library so i had a whiff of subway all day. the smell of the cafe at the casino (whoops) was to die for. and then i just went for a drive and my friend got a hot chocolate so that was tempting too! but, i surpassed all of those temptations and made it through my cravings, and i can’t wait to go to sleep and wake up and have it be the last day of this cleanse!! remember, it’s supposed to be 7 days but it’s my friends birthday on saturday so we’re cutting it short. still, i’m proud! 

i’d still love to know who else has jumped on board to try it and how it’s going for you! let me know and wish me luck on my final day which consists of meat and tomatoes…

In the game of seduction, There is only one rule: Never fall in love


this is why i love nova scotia. you can literally drive outside of halifax in any direction, not even that far, and find somewhere spectacular to take photos. and for a while, that place can be your secret. 





Day 3

it just keeps getting easier! day 3 was a combination of fruits and veggies, so i got to enjoy some fruit for breakfast and then a sickk salad for lunch. OH not to mention the best news - my friend and i did a weigh in today, and we’ve lost 7 lbs since the first day! by this point we should have lost 4, so i guess we’re doing something right. it’s been tough, but it’s definitely motivating to know that it’s working!

tomorrow i cannot WAIT to wake up and eat a banana! it’s bananas and milk day (and veggie soup for dinner). i’ll keep you posted - i’m more than halfway there since we’re only doing 5 days. i hope some of you readers have joined in, it’s really a great change!

Day 2

today wasn’t nearly as bad as yesterday!

i got to start off the day with a baked potato with a pat of butter for breakfast. that filled me up for a while, and i went on an adventure today so i was distracted. for lunch i was allowed to have salad items, so i had some cucumber and cherry tomatoes with some balsamic vinaigrette. by the time dinner rolled around i was STARVING so we boiled up some broccoli, cooked some onions mushrooms and garlic, and had some asparagus. that also filled me up for a long while, not to mention i drank 4L of water today too.

it was easier today, but still tough. even when i was full from those meals i was “hungry” because of the cravings my mind tells me i have (still sushi duh). 

day 3 should be easier (except maybe not cause it’s only a mix of what i’ve eaten day 1/2). 

As well i should inform you ahead of time so you don’t think i’m weaking out on day 5, but we will be ending the cleanse after day 5. it’s a best friend’s birthday on saturday so i’ll just let you figure out on your own why this cleanse will need to stop…i’ll still let you know the results after 5 days though!

Day 1

today is day one of this cleanse I am doing. let me tell you it is way harder than you’d think. only fruit and water ALL DAY. after eating a cup of apples for breakfast, all i had to look forward to was a cup of melon for a snack later. then a cup of watermelon for lunch. then an orange for a snack. then melon and kiwi for dinner. so. not. exciting. 

i’m debating stopping and just eating sushi because i have literally been craving sushi since I woke up this morning. sushi sushi sushi. i’m learning though how mental cleanses are. because when i went to the casino today to take my mind off of cravings i wasn’t hungry. but then the moment i envision a greasy slice of pizze, or a spicy tuna roll, or even just a salad my mouth waters and my stomach grumbles.

i think i’ll just make myself go to bed super soon so i don’t have to think about it. i also get to wake up and have a baked potato for breakfast which isn’t too shabby. day 2 will be easier. but when you love food as much as i do, day 1 sucks.

photo essay

for my final photo project i had to create a photo essay. it had to be a series of picture that told a story. hope you like what i did!

PS a big thanks goes out to my model and creative partner, jess botting!









there’s a first time for everything

as i’ve mentioned before, I’m going to Nepal on April 30 to trek to Base Camp of Everest. with this adventure comes some life changes in order to be prepared to take on the elements. first and foremost, i am officially done with drinking and smoking (not cigarettes ;)) which i guess means i’ll be sober until May 21 upon my return (weird…). as well, a few friends and i have decided to try the GM Diet. it acts more like a cleanse, and i’m looking forward to giving you daily updates this week :) i’ve never done a cleanse or anything before, so i’m looking forward to it!

good thing i got STUFFED tonight from easter dinner, because tomorrow i am only allowed to eat fruits…guess we’ll see how this goes! wish me luck & i’ll keep you all posted in return ;) 

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